By Nnamdi Onyeagwara

10th Aug, 2022 | 9:48pm

WWE Legend Chris Jericho professes love for West Ham

West Ham have a new number one fan and it is none other than WWE Legend Chris Jericho who was introduced to the club by Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris.

The AEW star visited the club, where he took a tour of the stadium, and a local pub and was interviewed by former Hammer Carlton Cole.

In the interview, that is on the West Ham official YouTube channel, Jericho discusses how he fell in love with the club.

Jericho said: “I have always been attracted to West Ham because of Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.

“He always wore a West Ham guitar strap.

“I always thought what the [expletive] is West Ham?

“After a while, I finally found out that it is an English soccer team, and I started loving the club only because I saw the name of the team in a rock and roll magazine.”

YSJ is a Hammer?

The news that the 34-time world champion is a Hammer is not the first time a wrestler has professed their love for their favourite Premier League club.

The King of Kings and WWE head of creative Triple H, like Jericho, is also a West Ham fan and sent a personal message to captain Declan Rice urging him to stay at the club.

Seth Rollins is also an admirer of West Ham and in an interview in 2018 he revealed how he first starting loving the club after playing with them on FIFA.

The Celtic Warrior Sheamus is a self-proclaimed Liverpool fan and has visited Anfield several times and was also seen celebrating his team’s Champions League victory in 2019.

WWE icon John Cena is also a football fan and his love for his beloved Tottenham Hotspur dates all the way back to 2008 when he visited White Hart Lane.

The connection between WWE and the Premier League goes back years and looks to still be as strong as ever.

In other West Ham news, the club are pondering a move for Chelsea midfielder, Conor Gallagher.