By Daniel Feliciano

30th Mar, 2023 | 2:40pm

Richard Keys furious at West Ham United and Karren Brady amid London Stadium snub for Women's team

Richard Keys has let rip on West Ham and vice-chairman Karren Brady after the Women’s team were overlooked for a fixture at the London Stadium.

The Hammers allowed the Under-18’s team to play in the club’s home stadium instead of the Women’s team during the international break, drawing criticism from the players and media for their decision.

But now Keys has jumped in to add the boot and extra criticism, calling out Brady on his personal Twitter account (30 March) for her role in the decision making.

“I recall Karren Brady claiming sexism when she failed to appoint Martin O’Neill at West Ham and we found her out,” he wrote, while sharing an image of the article.

“It wasn’t. It was incompetence. This is sexism.

“Why can’t their womens team play at the Taxpayers Stadium?”


We don’t know the ins and outs of the decision behind why the women’s team hasn’t played at the London Stadium since 2019, but Keys clearly has it in for Brady on a personal level.

He’s constantly taking shots at her in public and clearly has a big issue with her being in a position of power at a football club in a country where he was run out for his nasty comments.

But while we don’t agree that the decision to allow the Under-18’s to play over the women’s team is based on sexism, it does seem weird that they’re not getting the opportunity.

West Ham should be the leaders when it comes to pushing the women’s game and to hear that we’re the only WSL team who haven’t played in the men’s stadium is very disappointing.

Something should be done to give them the opportunity, and Brady should be at the forefront of that considering her place in the game, but this from Keys is just him point scoring against her rather than actually caring about the issue.