By Saikat Mandal

14th Feb, 2022 | 7:10pm

Richard Keys launches attack on West Ham and Karren Brady yet again

Richard Keys has launched yet another attack on West Ham and Karren Brady on the Kurt Zouma situation.

If you’re not living under the rock, you must be knowing that Keys has already delivered a scathing attack on the Hammers, and Brady in particular for her opinion piece.

Keys, who probably has got tired of typing words on Twitter, has used his personal blog to elaborate more on the story. Or as he calls it – “theory”.

He has taken sides with people (well almost everyone) who feel that Moyes has been let down by the West Ham hierarchy.

However, he has also unearthed some interesting theories as well, and one can’t help but wonder, what’s the connection here. He wrote: “A final thought on why Ms Brady is so worried about her ‘asset’.

“Has it anything to do with takeover talks that we’re led to believe may have been taking place?

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“Is that why West Ham are also desperate to hang onto Declan Rice until a deal has been done? To keep the share price high? I don’t know. But it’s a theory that’s been aired elsewhere as well.”


Everyone is raging with what Zouma has done and no one denies that the Hammers hierarchy has been inept here in showing their leadership skills.

However, Keys has taken it on an altogether different level. First, he agrees on the matter – “Brady went on ‘that is an important first step on what will be a journey of re-education and atonement’. Yea. On this one – agreed.”

Shortly afterwards, he couldn’t resist bursting out his anger by saying – “And ‘society’ certainly won’t feel too much sympathy towards West Ham if the brainless morons who took to kicking a blow-up cat about at Leicester continue to behave in that manner.”

Again, this is a sensitive issue and we all feel the club have mismanaged it from day one. However, criticising the entire scenario is one thing, making up hearsay theories and bringing up matters like the Declan Rice deal and takeover talks is something else.

While matters off the pitch, though serious, shouldn’t affect what West Ham do on the pitch. A tense top-four battle is on, and the Hammers must not lose their focus.

They managed a 2-2 draw against Leicester City, and it feels like it was a wasted opportunity to pick up all three points.

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