By Joe Ellis

17th Sep, 2022 | 7:14pm

West Ham United could get ownership of London Stadium in 2025

West Ham United could apply for ownership of the London Stadium in 2025 when the current owners are wound up, according to Six Foot Two.

London Legacy Development Corporation, who currently own the ground-breaking stadium, are set to cease to exist in 2025 which will leave the ground free of owners.

West Ham will have an opportunity then to apply for a long lease of the place where the 2012 London Olympics was built around and give them full control of what happens there.

Currently, the Irons have had to fit their schedule and planned work around other events such as concerts and external football games but they are still losing money on the stadium anyway.

That is why the owners are set to be wound up and it will certainly open the door for West Ham who have not owned their own ground since moving out of the Boleyn Ground.


Every football club should have the overriding say about what happens on their home turf rather than being bossed around by another club or company.

West Ham have been without that freedom for some time but if they do get ownership, they can start to progress the club even further and that would begin with bringing the stands much closer to the pitch.

Binoculars are almost a necessity for supporters currently and it feels distant as a result but that isn’t all that could change when the time comes.

There is the new opportunity for the women’s team and youth teams to play more games in the 62,000-seater stadium than they currently do because they feel so distant themselves from the first team.

To catch up with the traditional big six, West Ham have to start acting like them and this power move would be the biggest step they could make in doing exactly that.