By Liam Thomas

15th Sep, 2022 | 5:45pm

West Ham earn big bucks as admirable Premier League prize money payments are revealed - Kieran Maguire

Kieran Maguire has shared the admirable way Premier League share cash, with last season’s bottom club Norwich becoming the first bottom side to receive £100m+ in prize money.

The Premier League is renowned for being one of the United Kingdom’s biggest cash cows and generates countless amounts of money for the British economy.

The Hammers have also profited from the prize money, receiving a grand total of £136,558,542 for finishing in 7th place last season.

Speaking via his Twitter page, Maguire revealed the table of the prize money results and Hammers will be delighted that their club were one of the top profiteers.

“Whilst the Premier League comes in for a lot of criticism at times one of the things that it has historically got right is the democratic way in which it distributes money between clubs,” he wrote.

“Norwich became the first side finishing bottom to earn £100m+ in prize money”.


The astronomical figures Maguire provided on his Twitter for the Premier League prize money have come from numerous overseas broadcast interests.

The Premier League is well and truly a global force and it’s nice to see the league’s lower-tier clubs gain the money they deserve from being part of it.

It’s likely the money West Ham received provided the club with the funds needed to invest big this summer; David Moyes’ side spent £163.80million, unheard of sums for the London club in previous campaigns.

Nevertheless, if you want to compete in the world’s most competitive league, you have to spend big or you will be quickly left behind.

Although the parachute payments paid out to Premier League clubs affect the English Championship in a bad way; with clubs struggling to match the gap in wealth to teams who have been relegated.

This is a sour note not mentioned in Maguire’s praising Tweet and is certainly something that needs to be sorted out in the near future.