By Daniel Feliciano

8th Mar, 2023 | 6:10pm

Simon Jordan believes West Ham hiring Michael Carrick to replace David Moyes in their relegation battle would be a bad decision.

The Hammers find themselves one point above the relegation zone with 13 games to play, and Moyes’ job is under severe pressure with former midfielder and current Middlesbrough boss Carrick tipped as a potential replacement.

But when asked by talkSPORT (6 March) if he would hire “stylish” Carrick to replace Moyes, Jordan said it wouldn’t be a solution to him and also felt that Carrick would need some convincing to take the job anyway.

“Would I replace David Moyes with Michael Carrick? Well first and foremost that’s assuming that Michael Carrick would leave Middlesbrough to go to West Ham,” he said.

“Carrick is certainly kicking back side and taking numbers at Middlesbrough. But to ask him to step in to a situation at West Ham because currently he looks good at Middlesbrough, for me is a fool’s errand.

“No, I wouldn’t suggest that changing David Moyes for Michael Carrick is a solution.

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“No, I wouldn’t suggest that Michael Carrick would be sprinting to do that either which way. I think it’s a fool’s errand. Moyes has got to get himself together and they’ve got to look at the end of the season by staying in the Premier League and then see what the future looks like.

“Because unfortunately for David this is the one season where he has no arguments. £160m of a transfer spend, has put him behind the eight ball in this situation and West Ham need to regain some poise otherwise they will be sucked right back in to the situation.

“Really and truly they have enough quality and innate ability to not be in the situation that they’re in.”


While Carrick has been a fantastic appointment for Middlesbrough in the Championship, coming to West Ham in the heat of a relegation battle would be an entirely different kettle of fish.

Moyes has really struggled this year and we already know how experienced and good he has been at this level, so replacing him with a relative novice would be a huge gamble.

Fans would likely be fans of the arrival of Carrick as an ex-player with an attractive playing style, but we need someone reliable for results at this level first and foremost and he simply isn’t that just now.

An ideal situation would be for Moyes to keep us in the Premier League and then leave the club in the summer, with Carrick coming in with a fresh slate and a whole pre-season to implement his style.

But a more ideal situation would probably be to find someone to replace Moyes now that has more than enough experience at the highest level to keep us up, but it seems unlikely at this point.