By Pranav Shahaney

11th Nov, 2021 | 8:10am

Daniel Kretinsky West Ham investment could breach UEFA rules

Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky recently completed his investment in West Ham, but the Athletic’s Matt Slater believes that it could be an issue with UEFA.

In his Q&A after Kretinsky’s investment was official, one fan asked Slater if this development would violate any UEFA rules that could prevent both West Ham and Sparta Prague from competing.

As Kretinsky’s also got a stake in the Prague club, who are also playing in the Europa League, Slater believes that it could be an issue, but not a serious one.

He wrote, “Yes, this is an issue. Owners can’t have more than one club in the same competition, as we’ve seen with the Red Bull teams in recent years. They had to go through this elaborate dance to establish independence.

“But things will be easier for Kretinsky as it’s not entirely clear just how much of Sparta he owns. His initial stake was about 10 per cent and it appears he has increased this to more like 40 per cent. So one obvious solution is to reduce it again.”

Hope it gets resolved

Kretinsky’s involvement in the club has been seen as a boon for the majority of the fanbase.

GSB have been extremely unpopular over the years so news of a fresh face into the mix is certainly going to make them happy.

Hopefully, the Sparta issue gets resolved quickly as the club would not want to get into further complications, given the fact that they could see themselves as a Europa League outfit if they finish in the top six for two years in a row.

That said, it’s important to ensure that they’re not on the wrong side of the law and in breach of any UEFA rules.

He may have to prove that his stake in Sparta is nothing significant and could even be asked to relinquish it should UEFA come down hard on him.

However, all this is for a later date and for now the Hammers fans can be optimistic, given how quickly things have proceeded.

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