By George Overhill

14th Mar, 2023 | 7:10pm

West Ham United fans blamed for Aston Villa draw as boos rain down again on David Moyes

West Ham fans have been blamed for the latest dropped points against Aston Villa as the lack of support helped the visitors, according to the Daily Mail.

The Hammers drew 1-1 at the London Stadium on Sunday (12 March), to leave them barely outside the relegation zone on goal-difference, and were booed off by the home crowd.

Without a game until after the international break now, while all three sides below them have one before, the Irons face the prospect of being bottom of the Premier League when they resume action.

But the lack of atmosphere inside the ground in Stratford has been blamed for aiding Unai Emery’s side on the day, and putting West Ham at a disadvantage compared to relegation rivals Leeds and Everton thanks to their renowned home support.

The Daily Mail report on Monday (13 March) said: “Davis Moyes’ team had not played that badly. They had drawn, not lost. Secondly, the home crowd had offered their team precious little during the game so maybe it was not a surprise they didn’t get enough back in return.”

While it is conceded that the former Olympic Stadium is a “strange place” that does not create the same atmosphere that Upton Park, the fans were held responsible for not providing the same backing as rival sides.

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Wrong target

West Ham may not have been awful at the weekend but over the course of the season it is fair to say they have been.

It is an age-old debate between football fans as to whether you are duty-bound to fervently support the side whatever happens on the pitch, or whether you pay your money so you are entitled to let them know what you think.

There is some merit in both positions, but it is a bit much to point the finger of blame at the supporters when Moyes appears to be mismanaging his squad and the board are content to let him trundle on as is.

Yes, the players would probably benefit from being roared on from the stands, but it is a two-way street and they haven’t provided a huge amount to roar about across this campaign.

Even positive results have often been undercut but a dismal subsequent defeat, and while it has improved since the move and the galvanising European run last season, it can’t be forgotten that plenty of West Ham fans were passionately against the London Stadium in the first place.

In many cases the supporters are only mirroring what they are seeing in action, with enthusiasm for a takeover having waned at board level, where a metaphorical shrug has come out with regards to action Moyes because the hierarchy haven’t done the work to identify a replacement.

The Scot himself has upset his own players with his reversion to caution on the pitch at the earliest opportunity, and the sights of a miserable looking Gianluca Scamacca sat watching on the sideline as he was overlooked for a late substitute appearance, while record-signing Lucas Paqueta stormed off down the tunnel as he was withdrawn, hardly inspires wild enthusiasm from the fans who have paid to be there.