By Jack Cunningham

16th Sep, 2021 | 4:11pm

West Ham fans arrested as trouble breaks out in Zagreb

Several West Ham fans have been arrested in Zagreb after trouble broke out on Wednesday night ahead of the Europa League game against Dinamo Zagreb.

A report from Croatian outlet Index HR alledges that Hammers fans have thrown bottles and mugs that left one Croatian citizen seriously injured.

The report then states that two other Irons fans were fighting with each other and have been subsequently arrested.

A minority of Hammers fans ruin it for the rest.

It has been a long time since the Irons have competed in European competition and couple that with the pandemic, then it is understandable that some Irons fans are excited.

However, most fans who have travelled over have acted with dignity and not involved themselves with any violence while still having a good time.

Therefore, it is a great shame that a very small number of Irons fans were alleged to have attacked other people in Zagreb or fight with each other.

Hopefully, the people who the police have arrested are rightly punished and perhaps banned from attending any European game with the Irons if they are found to be guilty of committing any crimes.

There has to be a way to stop hooligans from ruining it for the majority of football fans and the best way to do that is by banning them from travelling abroad.

It should be said that the rest of the Irons fans have been fantastic, and we can’t wait to see them cheering on their side tonight.

In other West Ham news, a video has emerged showing violence in Zagreb.

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