By George Overhill

23rd Jan, 2022 | 3:40pm

Gary Lineker reacts to offside controversy in West Ham visit to Old Trafford

Gary Lineker has weighed in on the controversy over Marcus Rashford’s late winner against West Ham on Saturday, stating it was “definitely onside”.

Edinson Cavani looked to have been ahead of the last defender when he was played in by Anthony Martial, before squaring to the English forward to score.

But the VAR review ruled it a goal, and the BBC frontman agreed with a firm three word response.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, he responded to a fan who suggested VAR was pointless for missing the offside by saying: “Wrong. Definitely onside.”

Visual proof?

The painful nature of the sequence at Old Trafford only heightens the feelings of injustice at what many saw as the wrong decision.

The Hammers had performed well against a direct rival for a top four place, and went down to a winner in the 93rd minute, during what would have once been considered ‘Fergie Time’ in Manchester.

This understandably brought back memories filled with years of the dominant side in the Premier League apparently getting the benefit of the doubt when they needed it.

The angle of the broadcast camera made the position of the Uruguayan striker certainly look offside, but the VAR image, complete with digitally imposed lines, that was circulating following the match showed a different angle with him onside.

It is not the first time that a decision that looks to be clearly incorrect seems to have been conveniently altered subsequently, and fans who dislike the ruling, or indeed the video assistant in general, will only see confirmation of their original position.

The arguments surrounding the officiating system since its introduction, and the secrecy that sometimes seems to surround important decisions, does not help in these situations.

But when the difference can be a matter of inches the angle of the shot is vital, and it seems that in this case it is that which was the source of the confusion.

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