By Mike Southey

17th Jun, 2023 | 7:10pm

West Ham United are now pushing ahead with their appointment of a new director after the future of David Moyes was confirmed.

Numerous sack decisions have been made at the London Stadium over the past year, with the Scotsman surviving them all to continue his rein despite some tough moments.

Now, it appears as though Moyes is calling the shots once again with the board going to the same man they nearly fired before making up their minds.

Tim Steidten appears to be the frontrunner for the role, with the German locked in talks with the club.

It has been reported by The Guardian (15 June) that Steidten made a positive impression in early meetings with the club ahead of his potential appointment.

Moyes has also been involved in the decisions at the very top, giving his blessing already for this appointment to go through, something he may not have thought this time six months ago.

The manager has now taken the power from Sullivan, who will be going through his manager before signing off on any new deals or appointments, how the tables have turned.

As tends to be the case, if a manager was under pressure or near the sack, he would never be involved in decisions such as this one at whichever club.

Even with Moyes, this appears strange given that he may only have one more season left in charge of the club before both parties get ready to separate.

Of course, he could be sacked before that if he cannot cover another poor Premier League effort with his European antics in the Europa League after winning the Conference League.

Everyone involved with West Ham were delighted with lifting that European trophy, and it justified the decision to keep Moyes in charge now and in the future with talk about his sack intensifying more than ever at times.

Now, he has all the power and it will be interesting to see how he uses it at West Ham – this appointment could be the very first example at the London Stadium.